Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Training Vault

How To Start And Market Your Online Business DIY-Style

Ready to craft a business with intention and purpose – based on your version of success?

You have the dream and the vision, but you're craving more clarity on how to serve your ideal clients, how to plan & structure your days, and how to get more visibility for your business.

I hear you!

There's no one right way to do things in your biz, so let's create a plan on your terms!

This free resource vault from the Founder and Editor of Life Goals is packed with value and the perfect starter guide if you're...

  • Looking to create or grow your blog
  • Build your email list
  • Communicate & market yourself to your dream audience (aka let's get comfy with selling!)
  • Elevate your side hustle and make it your full-time thang

The best part? We're updating monthly with new resources for you to crush it on your own terms!

Your Instructor

Coley Lane Bouschet
Coley Lane Bouschet

Coley Lane Bouschet is the founder of Life Goals Collective, an online space for millennial women working to become the best version of themselves. She worked in digital media for over 6 years and now helps women create their own online dream business through simplifying and crafting viral-worthy content. She loves helping women step into their power and take CEO-level control over their lives and businesses more than avocado & hummus – and that's saying heck of a lot.

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